Where is my Wine?
A letter to wine consumers

You may have noticed some changes around the store. You went to look for your favorite bottle and found that it had disappeared only to show up somewhere unfamiliar. What is happening?!
Well never fear, it is all for you that we have made these changes and this letter will explain how.

Before, the wine department was full to the brim and a bit difficult to shop between the skinny spacing, large poles in the aisles and split up sections. We now have widened the aisles and amped up the selection by removing all of those large wooden racks, allowing us to carry more wines and create a more shoppable space for you. Another fantastic improvement is that we have reset the sections by varietal for you to shop. For example, where you were only shopping American wines in our Cabernet Sauvignon section before, now you can discover Australia, Argentina, South Africa, and many other countries that you never knew had such incredible wines!

We have still kept some favorite countries together including France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy for your convenience. These countries are known for odd varietals or classic blendings—like Bordeaux—so we put them across from the red blends section at the front of the store.

We hope that you fall in love with our new layout as much as we have. Please come by to have your own tour with one of our wine staff. We are here to answer your questions, quell your concerns and find you some great wine so that you can get your Bevy on!