Bomber Room

‘Kevin’s Kavern’ is our own very special bomber room. Located discretely between cooler doors 25 and 26 you will find a hidden room that is a beer connoisseur’s paradise. The shelves are filled top to bottom with over 500 delicious types and styles to choose from. Consider inviting some family and friends over for a “Bomber Party” to sample the various delights that the brewers have created with pride. If you would like some input please feel free to ask our expert staff to assist you with your selections.

Come and experience ‘Kevin’s Kavern’ for yourself. We think you will agree; it is the ‘coolest’ bomber room in the state!

Bomber’s for Beginners

Unfamiliar with a beer bomber? A bomber is a specially crafted beer from breweries ranging from those you may have heard of to the more obscure microbreweries. They come in larger bottles, affectionately known as “bombers,” that usually range from 22 to 25.4 ounces and sold as a single. Generally, largest model of the bomber squadron is the 750ml which is the standard size for a bottle of wine. The larger size is intentional as like wine, the larger bottles make it easier to sample and share.