Put down that bottle of over-priced cough syrup!

As I’ve recently had the privilege of being bed-ridden while under the influence of an awesome 100+ degree fever, it has given me plenty of time to contemplate the effectiveness (or lack thereof, rather) of those pricy bottles that may ease some of the pain and suffering, but for me, they also make me feel funny. I feel super loopy, out-of-my-head, funny. So why pay a bunch of money for a bottle of neon goop that sort of works, but sort of doesn’t?

Enter the Hot Toddy!

This super-easy (and super soothing!) drink has actual calculable benefits. They can be felt immediately after your first sip; and did I mention that it’s easy?!

Toss some water in a tea kettle or whatever you happen to have on hand for boiling containers. While that’s doing its thing, add as much honey – preferably locally sourced, for the beneficial pollens and fresh squeezed lemon juice into your mug that you can stand. Pour a couple tablespoons of your bourbon, or whiskey, or brandy, etc. on top of your honey-lemon mixture, then top with boiling water. If you want to get fancy, stir it up with a cinnamon stick and toss some cloves in there.

Lemon juice has Vitamin C (need I say more?), the alcohol will help dilate your blood vessels and kill off any nasty germs your body is trying to fight (and help you sleep), and the honey will coat your throat. Plus the hot and steamy goodness will open your sinuses and clear out that congestion.

So, I beg you, please put down that over-priced bottle of “cough syrup” and stick with a natural remedy that has been used for centuries!