ID Policy

To Our Valued Customers and Community,

As a responsible and caring member of our community we strive to serve our customers with kindness and respect while taking appropriate measures to keep alcoholic beverages out of the hands of our community’s children and minors.

Our ID Procedures

  • We ID EVERY person who appears to be 50 years old or younger. It is sometimes difficult to determine a person’s age so we err on the side of safety.
  • We ID EVERY person in a GROUP to be sure no one in the group is under 21 years old. We do not know who will consume the purchase so those sales are turned down.
  • EVERY person 25 years of age or younger will have ID verified by supervisory personnel.
  • We may also ID a person who appears to be underage while in the store, even if they are with adults. If they are underage, they may be asked to leave. Exceptions may be made for young children with their parents.
  • A person may be in our Rewards Program. But, they could also be a younger sibling or friend of a Rewards Member, so we will still request an ID. Young adults will be ID’d on every purchase.

In addition to protecting our community’s minors, we also must protect our employees and our business. There are severe repercussions for failure to do so including:

  • Employees who make an alcohol sale to a minor may be arrested and charged with a criminal offense. They are also immediately terminated.
  • Liquor stores who make an alcohol sale to a minor are heavily fined and are forced to close their doors for a period determined by the courts. After three violations that store is out of business and its employees lose their jobs.

As a responsible liquor establishment, it is our employee’s job to be certain that our customers are of LEGAL AGE to purchase alcohol. We all work diligently to keep alcohol out of the hands of MINORS in our community.

Please accept our apologies if you are denied alcohol purchase, asked to show ID, or minors asked to leave the store. Again, we do so to protect our community, our employees and our business.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We thank you for your business and for your understanding.