Single Barrel Selections

We always have many great Single Barrel selections available.  All Single Barrels are hand selected by the staff at Parker Payless. Check our current selection and pricing here.

Quantities are limited so stop in soon and get yours!

Find all of the Single Barrel selections at our display at the front of the Liquor Department.

Unfamiliar with a Single Barrel?

Hi my name is Andrew and I am the liquor buyer for Parker Payless Liquors. Let’s talk about our Barrel Program. Each barrel has its own special nuances. Barrels are 100% American Oak and the wood is charred by fire. Another aspect that affects the taste is where the barrel is stored in the warehouses. Warehouses can be small operations or huge operations with up to 10 floors. The temperature and location of the barrel in the warehouse will give it a distinct flavor profile.

Here at Parker Payless we have the opportunity to taste through multiple barrels at a time. Then our professional staff makes a selection of a specific barrel that will be unique to our store that you cannot find anywhere else. We then purchase that specific barrel which is twenty-three cases. It assures us to have the best tasting product that you can only find at our store! Within our barrel program, we currently have seven hand-selected barrels. Because of the size of our store we have been able to expand our barrel program and provide more bourbons, whiskeys, and tequilas for our customers. These products have our logo on them so you know they are unique to our store!

We have even more exciting barrels that are on the way to Parker Payless, so watch out for new announcements as they arrive!