It is great discovering a new place in town where you can give up and tell the bartender “dealer’s choice.” Recently, a good friend of mine from the wine world was in town on business and we decided to meet for drinks. He suggested meeting downtown at Death & Company in the Ramble Hotel. Perfect! I finally got to taste what people have been raving about: fantastic drinks, amazing decor, catching up with a great old friend and making new ones. I was inspired to create my own cocktails from my visit to the Holy Grail of cocktail bars.

The Perfect Tequila Sour
This will impress you with its complexity, the Libélula tequila’s bright agave and citrus notes will blend perfectly with the sherry’s hint of butterscotch and caramel in this drink. I made this for friends and they loved it.

2 oz. Libélula joven tequila
1 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice (strained)
1 oz. Hiram Walker Triple sec
1/2 oz. Osborne Medium Sherry
3 sprigs of fresh Thyme
Lemon zest
Tiny pinch of Pink Himalayan salt.

Soak the springs of thyme in 2 oz. of tequila and lemon zest stir twenty times and set aside for 10 minutes and then remove the thyme and set aside (to use as garnish in the finished drink.)
In a cocktail shaker add all the ingredients listed above and shake until ice cold and serve it up in a martini and garnish with a lemon twist and thyme.

The Perfect Blood Orange Rye Sour
This drink is at once spicy and deep because of the rye whiskey and turns very complex because of the basil and citrus flavors.

1 1/2 oz. Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey Parker Payless Single Barrel Edition
1/2 oz. Lustau Manzanilla ‘Papirusa’ Sherry
1 oz. Hiram Walker Triple Sec
1 oz. fresh squeezed Blood Orange and Lemon Juice blend.
2 large fresh Basil leaves chopped.
Blood orange and Lemon zest
Blood orange ribbon (as garnish.)

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir very well until ice cold and serve in a rocks glass over cracked ice with orange ribbon as garnish.

Cheers to You!
Michael S. Rodriguez